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Monday, 08 December 2014

Research crucial to business growth

by Dee (Dragana) Miljevic
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Leaders must also prioritise research and planning, particularly if they want to expand into new markets, said Ensure Recruitment managing director Paul Murphy.

"The strategic side of it is really making sure you've got time to do the research about the market you're going into... The strategy piece takes that longer-term research investment to make sure you are going into the right markets and you're hiring the right people," he said.

"Sometimes we are very reactive to our clients' needs, because we have to be... That can mean the research side and strategic planning side falls to the wayside."

Leaders must remember to reschedule any planning and strategy activity that is disrupted by client needs, said Murphy.

"It's around making sure if the planning side comes out of today for two hours, it's absolutely booked in again somewhere within the same week," he said.

Ensure Recruitment works toward long-term business plans, which guarantees time for planning and strategy, Murphy said.

"A lot of the focus as a small business tends to be the here and now – the month one to month three. Whereas now, we're looking at a three-year plan but given the economy and how rapidly things change in recruitment, we definitely focus on and work toward the [next] 12 months."

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