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Thursday, 29 August 2019

How to Get The Best Talent to Say YES: A Guide for Hiring Managers

by Paul Murphy
Get Hte Best Talent To Say Yes

How many times has your perfect candidate slipped away at the last second?

Failing to attract A-grade talent, or worse, losing this talent to a competitor during the hiring process is especially problematic in the insurance space.


Because demand for high-quality insurance talent far outstrips supply.

This means that candidates, not employers, are now occupying the driver’s seat.

In fact, talented and experienced insurance individuals are often besieged with offers. They have their pick of the companies they work for, and the roles they choose to do.

So in a candidate-driven market, how can you entice the best insurance professionals to say yes to your job offer?

Download our step-by-step hiring guide for a framework for getting the best talent to not only apply for your vacant position, but say ‘yes’ when you present them with your (well-crafted) offer.

The first step is to look at the message you’re sending out to potential candidates...

Review And Improve Your Employment Brand

Here’s how:


Your staff are your best resource when it comes to determining what they love about working for you, and what they would change. They are also the people spreading word-of-mouth about how good (or not so good) your company is to work for. You can dive into this informally over coffee, through an online questionnaire, in a team setting, or during regular one-to-one employee meetings.

Expect (and welcome) both positive and negative responses. When managing feedback, follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Repeat back the employees concern and ask clarifying questions
  3. Reply with empathy and don’t get defensive
  4. Don’t be put on the spot, ask for time to respond and provide a solution
  5. Seek input from your team about a satisfactory course of action or solution
  6. Implement changes that address concerns swiftly
  7. Communicate the steps you have taken so your team can start spreading positive word-of-mouth
  8. Review the success of your changes and tweak where necessary

It’s highly likely your exiting employees are leaving to join a competitor, so it’s important to find out what word-of-mouth they might spread there. If you regularly action step one above you should have nothing to worry about.

Conducting an exit interview is, however, a great way to garner any final feedback from the leaving employee. You may not be able to do anything to retain the person leaving, but you can take something valuable from them going.

Try to uncover what they think you could change to make your workplace better, thus be more attractive to future candidates (and retain your current ones).

The ideal time to conduct an exit interview is at the start of the employee’s final week. By then, any emotion surrounding handing in their resignation, or having been let go, has dissipated.

When it comes to choosing someone to conduct your exit interview, direct managers are not a good choice. Choose a neutral party so your employee can open up and speak honestly. Opt for someone who has seniority in the company so the employee feels their views are valued. A HR manager is a good choice if you have one, but you can also engage an independent external consultant.

Download the free guide and find out:

  • The 7 step framework you can put into place to help you consistently attract both active and passive talent to join your company.
  • What candidates are really looking for when changing roles (and why salary isn't your only consideration).
  • How to create an irresistible candidate experience - perfect your online presence, conduct great interviews, craft recruitment materials and create the perfect offer.

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