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Thursday, 14 November 2019

What are employees really looking for in a new role?

by Paul Murphy
What Are The Bet Employees Looking For

​Did you know, over 20% of insurance employees are currently looking for a new role right now?

And an additional 5% will begin looking in the next month?

Plus, over 78% of financial planners are currently looking for a new role right now.

It’s a scary thought. But it means you need to consider what you would do if a large portion of your workforce left... tomorrow.

Turnover is a fact of business, so if you’re in the market for a new hire, it’s important you understand what top talent are really looking for when changing roles. It makes it that much easier to tailor your recruitment campaign to entice them to apply for your position.

Our team at Ensure surveyed over 7,000 professionals across insurance and finance to uncover the reasons why they aren’t happy in their current position, along with what motivates them to look for a new role and the key deciding factors for what job offer they choose to accept.

Download the full guide to find out the top 3 things candidates are looking for when changing roles, and how you can make sure you are offering the most competitive compensation you can to attract and retain the best people to your organisation.


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