Executive Search 

The Ensure Executive Search Product was developed specifically for clients within the Insurance, Superannuation and Financial Planning sectors. Having firmly established ourselves across each of these sectors to become recognised market leaders we have been increasingly asked to carry out search assignments for our clients in the past 12 months.

Our product is different to that of traditional executive search firms in the fact that it is designed to utilise our already existing vast knowledge and networks within the Insurance, Superannuation and Financial Planning industries to deliver a more cost effective and time efficient solution for clients looking to hire from within their own industry.

Benefits of a search solution

  • Cost effective  A tailored solution that utilised previous search work and our existing networks to reduce the cost for our clients

  • Time Efficient  Long lists provided within 5 working days, shortlists within 10 working days. Substantially shorter than traditional executive search companies

  • Confidential  Our client's name is never provided to a candidate until they are qualified

  • Talent Identification  – Clients have access to all talent in the market and not just candidates who are actively applying for roles at any given time

  • Brand Protection  A consistent message of our clients brand and job brief in the market, not multiple agencies potentially delivering different messages to candidates.

  • Experienced Recruiters  Only our most senior recruiting team work on Executive Search. Managing Director, National Practice Managers and State/Business Managers. Over 50 years of recruitment experience with an average recruitment tenure of 10+ years 

When to use a search solution

  • Industry experience is essential

  • Senior Management Roles – manager of managers to GM level

  • Highly Specialised or unique skills required

  • Difficult locations where talent is not widely available

  • Benchmarking of internal candidates to ensure best possible candidate for the role