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"I found Toby to be beyond helpful, informative and genuinely interested in helping me find a suitable position. I was using multiple recruiters and found them mostly to be leading me into positions to make a quick deal. Toby was the opposite, I felt that he was trying to suit me to something and he guided me constantly. I felt a genuine interest from him. The process was pleasant and even once I received an offer for my current position he gave me very neutral advice and didn't 'push' me into the new position. I'm very grateful and will definitely be in touch with Ensure and Toby if any future need arises"

Associate Advisor (Candidate)

"I thought I would take the opportunity to thank the team at Ensure Recruitment for all the work you have done for me in transitioning to a new vocation. Now that I’m settled I can tell you that the thought of changing industry was a somewhat scary time for me.  Your confidence in me and the support you showed is something that I have not experienced from any other recruitment firm, so thank you so much for guiding me through this time.  Thank you for exposing me to a great company where people are trained, given achievable workloads, encouraged to participate in work life balance and acknowledged at every conceivable opportunity for the work they do.  After the first week, my wife already noticed a change in me in that I wasn’t walking around with a constant scowl on my face and that I was happier.  I even joined the gym – I know!! I love the people and the work already!  Thank you, Paul, this has been life-changing and I owe you."

Team Manager (Candidate)

Toby was excellent throughout the entire process and kept me informed along the way. Toby proactively followed up with the prospective employer while working to a relatively tight start date. ”

Licensee Governance Manager (Candidate)

 “Just wanted to let you know I completed your company survey and I am pleased to let you know I gave you top feedback.Thank you for guiding me as a candidate for the account executive position with ****. Your help, assistance and support throughout the whole interview process has played a major part in me being the best candidate for **** wealth management team. In the event that I do want to go further in my career in wealth management, I will definitely come to you to seek job opportunities in future. Thank you Toby! :)” 

Account Executive (Candidate)