Chloe McCarthy

Specialist Consultant - Broking, Australia

Chloe, a law graduate, brings a wealth of experience from the insurance industry, having worked with major players in both brokering and global insurance. With a diverse background spanning domestic, commercial, and financial lines, Chloe possesses a unique insight into the technical facets of insurance broking.

In her transition to recruitment, Chloe leverages her extensive knowledge to evaluate candidates based on skills, experience, values, attitudes, and cultural alignment, ensuring a positive and productive workplace synergy. Her advocacy for candidates is marked by dedication, passion, and a commitment to guiding them towards roles that foster career development in the insurance broking sector.

Chloe's adaptability, showcased by her successful move from a broker to recruitment, is a trait she values in candidates, recognizing its significance in our ever-evolving work environments. Partner with Chloe for a consultant who understands the intricacies of insurance broking and is dedicated to advancing careers in the field.

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